What is Quander?

Our apps make data collection at events easy, engaging, reliable and fun.
We help our clients collect data from guests in exchange for shareable brand stories.

Create your shareable brand stories and drive brand amplification with our off the shelf data capture apps. Give guests a fun and engaging way to give you their data, send dynamic marketing emails and analyse the results from your event!

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About us

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We are a group of highly skilled and technically minded event professionals and software developers who are passionate about helping our clients take meaning from data collected from customers at events.

Data collection is a way to collect information about a specific or broad group of people. Data collection is useful to learn about the type of people attending an event or activation so that the next event/activation can be better. Data collection can also be used to evaluate an assumption about the type of people who attend an event and get their feedback. Last but not least, data collection can be used to deliver a message in the future. The more data you collect, the more accurate you can deliver messages that are relevant to the customers that you’re targeting so that the message really hits home and doesn’t fall onto deaf ears.

  • Mission

    Make data collection at events easy and reliable. Give clients the tools and platform to achieve their KPI’s and make better events.

  • Vision

    To become the industry standard for digital content creators, agencies and brands for data collection, analysis and future event prediction.

The Quander Way

Traditionally data collection at events and activations has always been laborious and boring. By using one of our event apps such as See No Green and Brandium, you can capture the moment and give customers a reason to give you their data.


Capture Data

Decide what information you would like to learn about your guests before, after or during your event.


Brand Stories

Use our video or green screen apps to capture your guests experiences with Brand Stories.



The output can be a segmented HTML email or a private website that only the guest can access.



Automatically work out the demographic of your event and how successful it was.

Capture Data

Our off the shelf data capture apps give guests a fun and engaging way to give you their data in exchange for brand stories. From the Quander backend, you can create a project and set what data you would like to collect. Once logged into the Quander project on any Quander client, the data capture fields are automatically sync’d with Quander cloud. If you have multiple iPads and change any of the fields you’d like to capture, they’ll automatically be uploaded so you don’t have to collect all of the iPads, update them and send them back out.

  • The more engaging, rich and memorable the brand story is the more inclined customers are to share it on social media.
  • Our apps and SDK will store the data on the device securely if there’s no internet connection and upload it when it’s convenient. This makes it highly reliable in even the most unpredictable event environments. To date, we’ve never lost a piece of data.

Brand Stories

Brand stories are small moments that guests experience in your activation. There could be one story or hundreds depending on the size of your activation and the types of guests that you have.

Brand stories can come from any of the Quander apps or from any third party using the Quander SDK.

  • If you use the Quander event companion, all of your guests brand stories are collected in one place for them to access at any point during their experience. As they move through your activation and use multiple touch points their moments are captured and automatically pushed to their private event companion.
  • If you use transactional emails, each brand story is automatically sent to the customer via email along with a link to a microsite.
  • What’s more, guests can share directly from the event companion or microsite to their Facebook or Twitter timeline.

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