We immerse consumers in multi-sensory and measurable digital brand experiences

Let Quander’s end-to-end interactive technology enhance the customer experience while capturing valuable data to help grow your business.


Connect on a personal level. From easy-to-use photo and video apps for tablets, to fully bespoke digital experiences, we can create a completely white labelled brand experience for your next event that customers won’t soon forget.

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No more waiting, no more guessing. Streamline event check-ins and get detailed data on footfall for events and retail spaces for actionable insights into how and where you’re reaching customers.

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Understand the measurable impact of your event or experience. Get insights in real time. Measure customer demographics, behaviour, social shares and more. Your data is at your fingertips through our GDPR compliant dashboard.

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Blow Minds Not Budgets

Looking for something even more bespoke? Have a crazy idea for a virtual or augmented reality experience? Let’s talk.

Bespoke Experiences


We have delivered over 500 experiences and tech solutions worldwide.


We have engaged over 250K customers through brand experience, retail and events.


We have captured over 1.5 million shareable photos, videos, GIFs and bounce photos.