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We immerse consumers in multi-sensory and measurable digital brand experiences

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Our Story

Quander was built on the belief that you shouldn’t need to compromise to deliver a memorable, measurable, multi-sensory brand experience. Of course, you could duct-tape together a solution from a patchwork of free or low-cost event and photo apps, or you could spend a fortune on a from-scratch digital solution that gets used once and tossed in the bin. We don’t like either of those ideas.

We started Quander when we had enough of the short-sightedness. Why reinvent the wheel for every client when we have an amazing (and growing!) toolkit of apps and platforms that can be quickly customised for your unique needs? We believe that up-cycling codes, ideas and materials is the secret to delivering reliable, cutting-edge and affordable tech so together we can focus more on the bells and whistles that make your event one to remember.

We love to challenge ourselves, and as soon as a new piece of tech comes out, we are on it!
 We are dedicated to using up-to-date technology for all of our products so they stay efficient, intuitive and relevant. 
And because any product that we label under Quander is built by the Quander Team, it can be measured and analysed through the Quander Dashboard.

Our Team

With backgrounds in event production, retail experience, and bleeding edge tech, we’re a dynamic team who loves taking a human-centric approach to innovation. We pride ourselves in having a wealth of technical knowledge from software to hardware and everything in between.

Gavin Williams

Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Carpenter

Project Director

Tim James

Chair & Advisor

Amy Dudden

Chief Operating Officer

Fran Scorer

Business Director

Sean Thompson

Product Manager

Ulpa Patel

Product Designer

Sean Howard

Senior iOS Developer

Brett Chisholm

Front End Developer


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