A Sustainable Approach to Event Marketing

A Sustainable Approach to Event Marketing

Plastic cups, uneaten food, signs and banners used for one day only. The ugly truth of event production is waste is hard to avoid. And waste is a serious issue: more than a third of food produced globally for human consumption goes to waste, and 90% of the waste found in the ocean is comprised of plastics and styrofoam, with single-use food and beverage containers being among the most common items. The events industry is waking up to the need to curb the harmful and wasteful byproducts of producing live experiences.

Environmental impact aside, what a tremendous waste of material resources for the event producers! While less visible than tonnes of leftover food and plastic cups, e-waste is another common byproduct of event production. Companies spend time and budget developing and coding custom software technology for a short-lived brand experience. Electronics for live events often get used for just a short time without a plan for reuse, which means kit gets packed up, stashed away, or worse — thrown out. Think of how much lower your event production budget could be if technology were being reused again and again. With a little strategic planning, and investment in future-forward software and hardware that will stand the test of time, e-waste can be a thing of the past.

The Benefits of Reusable Tech

This was the thinking on the minds of our clients at Sky when they engaged Quander to create a legacy solution for their live experience, Sky at The O2. The branded venue is an immersive environment where fans get to “go behind-the-scenes” of their favourite Sky programmes and channels. The permanent nature of the space benefits Sky by eliminating a lot of the usual event waste that comes along with one-off or short-lived brand marketing events. Experiences have a longer shelf life, elements of the space get reused over time even as new experiences get swapped in to feature different programmes or seasonal themes, and multiple brands within the Sky enterprise get to enjoy access to the venue and to the influx of customers visiting the high-traffic location.

Sky Studios at The O2 leverages the spectrum of Quander’s Engage, Capture and Analyse technologies to create a seamless experience for customers and efficiencies for the Sky clients. New experiences get deployed faster, cost less, and are smarter since they build on the learnings of previous engagements tracked in the Quander Dashboard.

Designed for Longevity & Agility

With our recent update to the hardware used at Sky at The O2, the brand now has a sustainable solution for experiential marketing that will last for several years. Now when Sky wants to launch a new experience, or we release an update to our software, we can deploy these changes right from the Quander office while Sky brand ambassadors get trained on the updates and manage any changes onsite.

Of course not every company out there has a dedicated event space like Sky has at The O2. But that doesn’t mean we can’t approach event marketing with an eye on reducing wasted tech and wasted money. Invite us in early to strategise with your marketing team and we’ll no doubt reveal opportunities to design reusable technology solutions that can get repurposed and redeployed across multiple events throughout the year, year after year, and between multiple brands within an enterprise.

Experiences Rather Than Things

We didn’t set out to be waste warriors, but we can’t help but take a little pride in how digital memorabilia has really supplanted branded knickknacks as the preferred giveaway for today’s brand marketing events. Less portable chargers and USB sticks, more immersive experiences and socially shareable videos. And this trend reflects a movement among today’s younger consumers to prize experiences over the accumulation of more stuff. So let’s all do our small part to fill their heads with treasured memories rather than fill their drawers with disposable swag.

Between the digital nature of our modern lives, and the environmental realities of our generation, event marketing is changing and we’re excited to be on the forefront of solutions that are keeping pace. To learn more about how Quander builds sustainable legacy solutions for our clients, get in touch.