But how, you might ask? Here lies the power of experiential marketing. Consumers love to engage in immersive experiences that give them content to play with, watch and share online. These days it’s as important for you to share what you’re doing than it is actually just doing it. Use that to your advantage as a marketer. Your audience will inevitably stumble across your social media in their decision making process, and the image projected across social platforms of your event will shape their impression of it. Facilitate the creation of awesome content at your events and you’re well on your way. The more innovative the event, the better the reaction from consumers. As a brand it is not ok to be average anymore or the same as other businesses. If you are going to succeed then you have to be different and portray that point of difference online cause it’s a saturated space and you need to stand out.

The physical presence of brands at events is increasingly important too as is data collection and follow-ups on face to face interactions. Consumers want to be understood and want brands to give them experiences that are valuable to them. A personalised approach is key to making experiences memorable for consumers and creating positive sentiment and hype around your brand or event online.  Luckily, capable tech companies, like Quander, are disrupting the market with new and exciting engagement tools which serve both needs. The creation of relevant and shareable content by consumers and the collection of their data for follow-ups and analysis for brands helping them understand and cater to their audiences. Hat’s off to that!