Pitching a data-optimised customer experience at John Lewis & Partners

Pitching a data-optimised customer experience at John Lewis & Partners

It’s easy to apply analytics to the behaviour of shoppers online, in a physical store it is less so.  John Lewis & Partners have already made steps to address this by allowing you to save your receipts on your app therefore recording a total picture of your online and offline shopping in one place. Retailers need to find ways to get shoppers interacting within their spaces to find new ways of gathering data on how they shop.

We recently had the pleasure of pitching to John Lewis & Partners as part of their JLAB innovation programme. The focus of the pitch was finding companies that could help them find more ways to enhance the shopping experience by using technology.

Our pitch was a complex one. We saw an opportunity to make an experiential zone within John Lewis & Partners stores that could be kitted out with the latest projection technology and digital screens that are activated when shoppers scan their My John Lewis card. Scanning the card allows shoppers to access personalised content providing them with relevant product recommendations. It also allows John Lewis & Partners to know more about the customer and their shopping behaviour.

Having recently started using a graph based database, we are excited about how it allows us to process complex data from live consumer interactions. Rather than analysing data through reams of tabular data, we are analysing data based on nodes and the connections between them. It’s the common connections between people, experiences and products that will allow us to create a powerful recommendations engine that can give shoppers a more personalised shopping experience while retailers get smarter about how to engage them.

We believe that a range of tech can help retailers to get their shoppers interacting in-store in a way that provides them with ambient shopping data. At Quander, we are building lift and learn technology for a mobile manufacturer that wants their security systems to talk to their digital signage. We are piloting footfall tracking technology using WiFi sensors with key clients which, in combination with our other metrics, is more accurate than any other system on the market. We are featured in Neo4J’s marketing campaign as a key user of their graph database systems and plan to use it to make a big impact with our retail clients.

It’s not enough for retailers to just collect customer data and use it to re-target them. We’re in a day and age where there is an abundance of data and smarter ways to understand it that can be leveraged to drive brand awareness, brand synergy and hyper personalisation. We believe that we need to do more to deliver mutual value for everyone and that starts here, at Quander.

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