Shutterbug: Democratising Event Technology

Shutterbug: Democratising Event Technology

Photo booths – a must-have at any event. Who doesn’t want to lock those warm, cuddly, enjoyable moments into history, and throw them online for the world to see?

Yet photo booths require hardware and manpower, and in 2018 that seems out of whack. Cue Shutterbug, a low-price, plug-and-play photo booth app that has landed in the App Store in May.

Quander’s first B2C product, Shutterbug started life as an advanced B2B photography platform destined for only one outing. As part of our mission to democratise tech and reduce digital waste, we took a big-budget tool off the shelf so we could bring it to life for the mainstream.

Requiring only an iPad, Shutterbug captures and produces rapid digital photos, Bounce and Boomerang-style videos, GIFs and photo strips. Users can easily add a logo or branding onto their snaps and because all output is immediately sent to one’s email, everything’s primed for instant social sharing.

Shutterbug doesn’t require a project manager or operator on-the-day, and it’s unerringly user friendly. While the MVP (minimal viable product) build took just seven days, the platform’s UX and UI is based on six months of analysis: a deep dive into people’s actions and behavior at events.

Suffice to say, after assessing how revelers of all ages – and at various levels of drunkenness – interacted with the app in a live setting, Shutterbug’s user journey is frighteningly simple.

Shutterbug marks Quander’s inaugural B2C product, it’s our first attempt to simplify souped-up B2B tech and deliver it to everyone. Innovation moves faster in B2B land – the awesome tech breakthroughs that light up trade shows, events, museums and exhibitions rarely filter into people’s lives. We want to change that.

We’ve taken the essence of a big-budget client project and sanded it down, making cutting edge tech simple, accessible and available to all. Professional photographers can add it to their arsenal, events organisers can offer new dimensions of fun, and everyday hosts can – again and again – capture the very best of a party with minimal cost, hardware and hassle.

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