Storytelling with images

Storytelling with images

The Power of Photography

Photography was invented in 1839. In our snappy world of Instagram and selfies we often forget how powerful the ability to simply take an image and share it really is. Like all creative art forms, it came about as an interpretation tool, used to document people and their environments, a tool for visual storytelling. Photographs though, unlike many other mediums, can be reproduced and distributed. That was pretty groundbreaking in 1839 and is still pretty meaningful today. In a world that thrives on the documentation and sharing of our experiences, a phenomenon that’s exploded with social media, and in a culture that’s increasingly visual, the invention of a tool that would eventually be able to snap a selfie is meaningful stuff. And the birth of photography was the birth of an incredibly nifty tool for marketers. Like anything, it’s constantly changing and evolving, pushed as much by the capabilities of technology as the innovative and disruptive thinking around how it can be used.

Disrupting with Photography in the Experiential Realm

Here at Quander we love experiential marketing and technology. Experiences that allow and encourage people to share their stories. We thrive on delivering awe-inspiring technology for events that’s simple to activate, easy to use and super engaging. Technology that taps into and triggers consumers’ passion for the experiential, the new, the big, the better. Photo experiences are a big part of our business, so naturally we’re fascinated with exploring how we can push the boundaries of experiential marketing, with everything we do. Our new feature is a response to the immersive artwork trend and combines creatively innovative photography and multimedia techniques with modern technology to deliver a mighty tool that helps our clients engage, capture and analyse their audiences. Welcome to the latest disruptive trick in our toolbox, the 3D Photo.

Immersive experiences are all the rage and 3D photos are disrupting the photographic world so we combined them to create a 3D photo experience with our new bullet time rig. We use it to snap a slice of action from all angles at the same time and sequence all the images to stitch together a panoramic image. It’s exciting to develop photographic techniques that are digitally relevant to create experiences that tap into consumers desire for a multisensory and immersive experience. They can live whatever experience you want to create in the middle of the rig. Pretty snazzy. We love that our latest photo experience gives consumers great content to take away with them and share all over social media to tell their stories. It’s good for them and great for brands who are clever enough to leverage that desire.

Snickers Snack on the Rig

Snickers were so excited about our new 3D photo bullet time rig that they used it to capture some pretty immense (if we do say so ourselves) images of some serious sports fans recently living their dreams of being NFL players in front of the camera. Guests of the Super Bowl had a jolly time diving into the action and crafting some amazing shots. Guests were immersed in the championship action and looked NFL ready. The stress-free and quick setup of the rig meant that Snickers could enjoy the championship and worry about the big stuff, while we made sure guests were engaged in front of the camera living their dreams. Fans were presented with their renders which looked pretty dandy. Can you blame them for wanting to share that moment with the world? We can’t!

So how does it work? The Technical stuff

The aim is to focus a number of cameras on one central point that can capture whatever awesome action you want to document from every angle to craft an engaging and super shareable 3D image. It may sound simple, but it’s anything but. It’s complex technology that is quick and easy to use. Snapping a 360 panoramic photograph can be quite a challenge, one that we kind of love though. Our camera rig takes 15 minutes to set up and iPhones are attached to various points. They are calibrated to snap the subject simultaneously and our iPads then use image stabilisation tools to align all the images taken and stitch them together to create one all-round splendid 3D picture. The images are rendered on an iPad and you don’t need any bulky computers or additional equipment to set up. The rig integrates with our app too so while your guests are actively engaged in the photo experience you’ve created, we’re capturing their data for you to analyse later. Accessible through the app, the data is presented on our dashboard for you to access at any time.

Let your guests hop in front of the camera and bust a move and we’ll do the rest to make sure they’re instantly presented with an awesome 3D image they can’t help but share, all over social media. The 3D photo bullet rig is perfect for the experiential marketing or conferencing space if you are looking to engage your guests interactively.

If you have a photo experience in mind that you would like to bring to life please get in touch. Let your imagination run wild with the creative and we will worry about the technicalities of activation. No idea is too out of the box for us, whether it be reliving Neo’s dodging bullets scene in the Matrix or planting your guests on stage on Broadway. We are constantly working with clients to push the boundaries in the experiential space and offer bespoke solutions to unique problems. We are currently working on new features (spoiler alert; did someone say image based interpellation?) to knock our clients out of the park. We can really help you stretch your budget to make the most of what you have without spending fortunes on shiny new tools. Let’s work together to see how innovative we can really be.