Technology Takeover: The Fashion Industry Edition 3

Technology Takeover: The Fashion Industry Edition 3

“See now, buy now” is nothing new to fashion tech at London Fashion Week, but Amazon’s partnership with fashion brand Nicopanda stepped it up to the next level with one-hour deliveries of pieces featured in the show.

This is part of Amazon’s increasing interest in the fashion sector, as they invest in the kind of technology that gives “fast fashion” a whole new meaning. Nicopanda is the equally innovative brainchild of Nicola Formichetti, the designer whose collaboration with Lady Gaga led to the creation of her infamous meat dress from the 2010 MTV VMAs.

‘Nicopanda’s designs immediately turn heads,’ said Susan Saideman, Vice President for Amazon Fashion Europe. ‘We’re excited to bring such an exciting brand to our customers for the first time.’

Needless to say, we’re excited too – one-hour delivery offers a multitude of possibilities for the future of “see now, buy now” fashion technology at the forthcoming 2018 London Fashion Week.

Watch this space for TwentyFour15 and XO as the fifth edition tomorrow.