Event Registration

Successful event marketing starts with a smooth customer experience from square one.

We’ve built a suite of end to end event technology that seamlessly integrates so you know who’s attending, how they’re engaging with your brand and how to retarget them afterwards.

Quander Companion

So much more than an event registration web app, Quander Companion offers highly customisable registration plus smooth integration with any of our Engage offerings. This means customers’ photos and videos can be instantly available to them for simple and direct sharing to social media through our web app.

Quander Companion also pairs with our Dashboard, allowing you to anonymously track a customer’s engagement with your event including insights into how far they traveled to be there, what experiences were the most appealing, and how they shared it with others via social media. Get in touch for a demo.

Quander Check In

Highly customisable and quick to set up, our Check In web application not only makes registration and check in a breeze for customers, it can capture data that allows you to deliver a personalised onsite digital experience, tailored to their initial registration.

You also have the option to assign an RFID wristband, lanyard or printed QR Code to individual customers. This allows exhibitors to quickly tap customers in at large conferences so that they can re-contact them later. Contact us to see how Check In can be customised for your event.

Case Studies

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