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Create a cost effective experience that can be easily customised and toured around the World to promote the Martini brand.

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Martini had a series of events and pop ups over the summer of 2017 to promote the brand. Along with the pop-up bars, they wanted customers to take part in a fun experience and to have a small reminder of the event.
The off the shelf Quander App allowed them to produce two easy to customise experiences – the Swing Bounce and the Personalised Massa Car.
The swing bounce experience is exactly as it sounds, customers swung on a swing at the event and we captured a short gif with an event customised overlay - simple but stylish!
The Personalised Massa car allowed customers to sit on the wheel of the Massa Mercedes Benz F1 racing car, replacing Martini with their own surname – a great momento from the event!


Despite the short lead-time, the experiences are quick to set-up and toured the world through 6 countries across the summer months collecting data in 3 different languages and sharing fun photos and gifs purely on an iPad!