A Moon For All Mankind at Samsung 837Making a Groundbreaking VR Experience Social and Shareable

A Moon For All Mankind at Samsung 837

The Brief

Capture jaw-dropping digital video from the Samsung S9+ and deliver the content to customers for social sharing with integrated data tracking and analysis for the client and partner agencies.

Our Solution

In the lead up to the 50th anniversary of the first lunar landing, Samsung in collaboration with the NASA’s Johnson Space Centre created an immersive VR experience for people to step into a simulated moon mission complete with lunar gravity. Quander worked closely with Oscar winning creative studio Framestore and creative agency Iris Worldwide from ideation and storyboarding through to delivery to capture this captivating lunar landing story.

We created a connected experience where the Samsung S9+ and the Samsung Camera app were centre stage. Content captured at different parts of the A Moon For all Mankind experience, from their first space walk to their personal message to all mankind, were comped together automatically to tell a story attendees would be eager to share with their friends on social media. We also built a custom rendering pipeline that allowed us to make changes to the composition on the fly to meet the clients’ brief.


By helping to seamlessly capture and measure the video content from this limited time installation at the Samsung 837 store in New York City, customers were able to share the experience through their social media channels, increasing the brand’s reach exponentially.