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To promote a series of Phillips products at the IFA conference in 2016.

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Quander provided our off the shelf Quander Data capture App which was developed to ensure that the double opt-in data protection act for Germany was adhered to.
The data capture app was integrated with three activations for an array of Phillips product promotions at the IFA 2016, this included: a branded GIF Bounce and media capture for a VR experience and retro buzz-wire game.
Following the data capture, Quander captured the media created from these activations and sent them straight to the customers email, allowing them to share it straight to social media.


These different elements; the data capture, media capture and social sharing combined worked well for this corporate product promotional event. The client was able to promote their product on the day and target the customers with further marketing information after the event and boosted their database by 1,700+ contacts.