Sky 4D VRReinventing Event Registration and Content Delivery

Sky 4D VR

The Brief

Increase reach for an immersive, multi sensory virtual reality experience at their iconic stand at Westfield White City. Sky needed a way to allow customers to pre-book their experience and create and share the engaging output.

Our Solution

Quander worked closely with Wasserman X and Sky to create a full end-to-end experience to show off the power of virtual reality. This unique VR experience prompted us to create our Quander Check In event booking system, which is now part of Quander’s suite of tools and available for your next event. We also added a bespoke chat bot to enhance the booking process, which customers loved.

Customers were able to pre-book their spot from the booking website or using a fun Facebook Messenger chatbot. This allowed the brand ambassadors on the stand to manage queues more easily. We captured the customers’ content from the VR experience using a GoPro and used our software to cut between clips of the experience both inside and outside of the headset. This allowed us to create up to six key moments in the VR experience. As this was fully automated, we were able to capture, render and quickly deliver content to customers including an end frame fully personalised with their name.


Customers loved the 4D experience and couldn’t wait to get access to their videos. This was one of the most exciting and enjoyable projects that we have done to date, and the numbers speak for themselves.