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To provide Sky at The O2 with an array of interactive digital experiences to increase brand awareness to a high traffic permanent location and to allow Sky to access figures and data on the traffic coming through the venue.

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Quander were tasked with the job to replace and update dated legacy experiences within the O2 over the course of a year. Sky at The O2, is a high footfall venue, open 364 days a year and is open to all customers - meaning the experiences and apps have to be hard-wearing, easy to use and update and appealable to all demographics of customers.

The first task was to update all the pre-existing equipment to bring the technology and equipment back to speed and up to date. Quander deployed our toolkit, which enabled Sky to get rolling updates as new features were added to the platform.

Following this, Quander introduced the Quander Companion - an account based web-app that allows customers to touch in at multiple experiences and gather their media (videos, photos GIFs etc) in one place. Making media collection and social media sharing so EASY!

Not only was this a incredibly useful to the customers, but it meant that Sky were able to access reportable data taken from the apps, allowing them to monitor campaigns and use this data to intelligently plan future campaigns.


The system now benefits from constant updates to Quander meaning the system will not feel dated and has much more flexibility than before, allowing Sky to offer more to customers and other companies to do more with the space. The addition of the reporting has been incredibly important to Sky and Quander, allowing us to offer recommendations for future campaigns to ensure their success dependant on the campaign’s objectives.