Sky Sports 2016 – Quander

Sky Sports 2016



We were tasked with creating digital experiences for football fans at various venues including Sky at The O2 and Sky Central, Sky's brand new office in Osterley.

Could we convince passers by to get behind their favourite football team and share their support on social media; and could we provide a high quality experience that was relevant to non football fans at locations across the UK and still get them to share their experiences online?

Our ultimate goal was to provide an engaging experience, but also give Sky a mechanism to drive more people to Sky Sports for the Premier League.

Walk Forwards
Trophy Lifts
Social Shares


Using the Quander platform, we created two unique experiences for Sky. The first a hero experience, providing the highest quality video green screen experience ever for an iPad. We leveraged the power of the new iPad Pro by completely re-writing our green screen algorithm to support real time video.

The second, a green screen trophy lift, allowing customers to lift the premier league trophy. Our green screen app allowed brand ambassadors to add animated overlays at the tap of a button.

Using these two tools and working closely with Sky Sports, we gave customers a unique experience. Customers were given the opportunity to wear their favourite football team's shirt, pick from a list of every team in the premier league and walk forward with them like a pro against a green screen.

Customers could instantly see their final video on the experience iPad. As soon as the brand ambassador pressed send, their video was instantly pushed to their smartphone for sharing to social media via our landing page.


Football fans were captivated by the speed of the experience. After a successful reception at Sky Central and Sky at The O2 with RPM, we handed the experience over to Wasserman X to tour multiple retail locations across the UK. Due to the ease of use of the Quander Engage app and the Quander platform, we replicated the same experience within hours. We delivered a stable experience in unpredictable retail environments without requiring onsite technical support saving our client thousands in potential support fees.

The experience saw 17,000+ people walk forward to support their favourite football team, 5,000+ people lift the Premier League trophy