Sky Sports 2017 – Quander

Sky Sports 2017

Wasserman & RPM


To promote Sky Sports and the launch of new channels – Sky Golf, Sky Cricket, Sky F1 and Sky Football

Working within a constrained budget, we were tasked to build bespoke digital experiences to represent each channel and provide one piece of shareable media which encapsulates all of channels.

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Sky Sports 2017 allowed Quander to showcase its ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously to a short timeline and limited budget. We produced new applications for each element including:
Quiz app for Sky Golf
Commentary game for Sky Football
Be an Umpire for Sky Cricket
Slo-Motion GIF cheering experience

Along with the games and apps, the Slo-motion GIF capture was developed and integrated within the off the shelf Quander app, to give future users of the app access to this new feature - we’re always adding new features and developing our off the shelf Quander app!


Following on from the Sky Sports 2016 campaign, the 2017 campaign gave the customers an array of apps and games to entertain themselves. This campaign got the hole in one from multiple fan bases across the Sky Sports channels and increased the engagement with the individual sports channels.