Sky Studios at The O2An Immersive Experience Built to Last

Sky Studios at The O2

The Brief

Update a dated Sky Studio interactive television experience within the high-traffic O2 to better engage customers, increase brand awareness and give Sky access to data on the traffic coming through the venue.

Our Solution

Sky Studios at The O2 is a high footfall venue, open 364 days a year, where visitors can immerse themselves in a range of interactive Sky television experiences and create their own shareable photos and videos. We needed a solution that would be hard-wearing, easy to use and applicable to all demographics of customers. The first task was to bring all the pre-existing equipment and technology up to date. Quander deployed an integrated suite of Engage and Capture apps, which enabled Sky to get rolling updates in the Quander Dashboard as new features were added to the platform.

Following this, we introduced the Quander Companion, an account based web-app that allows customers to touch in at multiple experiences — from immersive VR that puts them inside their favourite TV shows, to a real news desk where fans can step into the spotlight — and gather their photos and videos in one place. Not only did this make social sharing super easy for customers, it meant that Sky were able to access reportable data taken from the apps, allowing them to monitor campaigns and use this data to intelligently plan future campaigns.


Now that Sky Studios is plugged into the Quander’s Engage, Capture and Analyse system, it benefits from constant updates to Quander, which keeps the user experience feeling fresh at this permanent installation. We also enabled more flexibility with the experience allowing Sky to offer more to customers and other companies within the space. The addition of the Quander Dashboard has been incredibly important, allowing us to offer strategic recommendations for the success of future campaigns.