Snickers at Super Bowl 52Engaging Fans at the Biggest Sporting Event in the US

Snickers at Super Bowl 52

The Brief

To help Snickers, a main sponsor of the National Football League’s Super Bowl 52, reinforce brand loyalty by engaging fans at the event whilst creating shareable, branded social content.

Our Solution

The Super Bowl is the biggest annual sporting event in the United States and includes supporting events such as the week-long Super Bowl Experience (SBX). Being such a high throughput event, Snickers needed a digital photo experience that would quickly render content to engage as many people as possible whilst making social sharing quick and easy. Snickers’ agency Fish is Data partnered with Quander to find a solution.

We spent weeks researching and developing a cutting edge 3D photo feature using the bullet time effect that simultaneously snaps a slice of the action from all angles and sequences all the images together using artificial intelligence into an animated 3D photo. The bullet time rig runs on iPhone and iPad alone, so the setup is simple and fast (takes around 15 minutes), removing the need for any bulky and expensive equipment.



The Snickers experience was one of the highest performing experiences for media captured at Super Bowl 52. We were able to successfully offer a fun and attention grabbing experience that
achieved high share rates, pushing organic traffic and brand loyalty. This was possible because our integration with the event registration data ensured a seamless journey for the customers. Best of all, this is now a standard feature of our photo and video app, accessible to any Quander client.