YouTube Brandcast and Tour – Quander

YouTube Brandcast and Tour



The objective was to promote YouTube’s new campaign - #morethanviewers - where the YouTube customers are more than just viewers, they are also the content creators.
Quander’s objective was to engage the audience and highlight the brands objective for the campaign by creating an memorable experience that was tourable.

Total Interactions


Quander produced an end to end solution for this project from RFID wristband tagging; recorded, video challenge booths and a bespoke YouTube media moderation portal.
With two elements going live - 2 touring pods across 20 different agencies in London and the Brandcast event for media agencies to attend - Quander had to create BA friendly, transportable and hard wearing experiences that would work seamlessly to engage and entertainment customers.
Upon arrival guests would assign an RFID wristband to their data collected from the registration system, these wristbands would then be tapped on an RFID reader on broadcast-ready lighting and video booths.
These booths randomly selected a challenge to task the user, following which the camera filmed the customers hilarious reactions through the screen and assigned the video to their data. Guests received their challenge video, top and tailed with YouTube branded videos straight to their emails so they could see their attempts at the challenges. Behind the scenes YouTube wanted to ensure that the videos were monitored and censored (if needed), so Quander was tasked with producing a review and edit platform to ensure that clean-cut versions were uploaded to the YouTube Channel.


The client’s main objective was to create a fun and seamless experience to compliment their brand campaign - Quander’s solution hit the spot!