YouTube Brandcast TourA Bespoke B2B Video Experience

YouTube Brandcast Tour

The Brief

Create an end-to-end video experience that helps advertising agency staff engage with the YouTube brand by putting them behind the camera.

Our Solution

Brandcast is an annual event designed to help advertising agency staff discover the value of YouTube as a platform for their brand clients. The experience tours agencies for two weeks and then culminates in a one-day event in London. YouTube’s agency AMV BBDO came to us looking for a reliable, bespoke solution that would endure a two week tour and the busy Brandcast event.

For the experience, YouTube wanted to find a way for agency staff to see the YouTube audience as “more than just viewers,” to think about them as participants who actively engage with and create the content. Together with AMV BBDO, we decided to do this by having agency staff become content creators themselves.

By integrating a number of Quander products to manage check-in, content creation and delivery direct to YouTube, we were able to create a seamless experience. We designed a series of video booths that participants checked into using RFID wristbands registered to their account. Inside the booths, participants watched a YouTube clip and were given a challenge based on that clip. Participants were then recorded doing their challenge and it was posted directly to their YouTube account. The perspective of the video was flipped as if watching the viewers from inside the clip. The experiences were randomised so that any combination of participants could take part and never be served with the same video challenge.



It was an ambitious brief, but our bespoke solution delivered 1,052 pieces of original content posted to YouTube and weathered the two-week agency roadshow and Brandcast event. The custom video rendering engine we created for this project is now in the Quander Studio app for any client to utilise.