Retail Experiences

Our digital retail solutions address modern retail head on by streamlining the path to purchase whilst keeping customers engaged and satisfied.

Digital and mobile technology has upended retail, and yesterday’s physical stores are losing relevance. The retail space of the future must adapt to meet our modern shopping behaviour.

Quander Retail Hub

Today’s retail intelligence hardware and software provide a wealth of information, but Quander Retail Hub synthesises it all into actionable insights for your business. Our platform captures data from physical interactive hardware, such as the InVue security system, and integrates with digital signage solutions including Signage Live and Adobe Experience manager.

We enable intuitive lift and learn experiences at a fraction of the cost using your existing hardware and software infrastructure and licences. Quander Retail Hub also tracks interactions with products in our Dashboard so you can tell which products have been interacted with, for how long and at what times of the day.

Combining this data with our other capture solutions gives you a birds eye view of what’s happening in your stores in real time so you can react to it and never miss an opportunity to optimise the shopper journey. Contact us to learn more.