Connect on a personal level. From easy-to-use photo and video apps for tablets, to fully bespoke digital experiences. Then streamline your event check-ins and get detailed data on footfall for events for actionable insights into how and where you’re reaching customers. Use the Quander dashboard to measure customer demographics, behaviour, social shares and more and get your data in real time through our GDPR compliant dashboard. Quander has the full package.

Photo & Video Experiences

Create memorable, engaging and shareable experiential marketing.

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Bespoke Experiences

Tell us your challenge or your vision and let us work with you to create the perfect way to engage your customers.

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Event Registration

Successful event marketing starts with a smooth customer experience from square one.

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Footfall Tracking

Knowing how many people set foot inside your event or retail space is only useful if you understand their behaviour once they arrived.

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Quander Dashboard

The Quander Dashboard is where you’ll see how your event or experience is doing in real time. Communicate, Adapt and Analyse to get the leading edge.

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Quander Cloud API

Have total control of your analytics and get next-level intelligence on your experiential marketing.

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