Footfall Tracking

Knowing how many people set foot inside your event or retail space is only useful if you understand their behaviour once they have arrived.

Quander Pulse

Beacon, WiFi and NFC technologies have unlocked a world of data for brands to track customer behaviour in real world environments. But each system has its limitations, and many users find themselves swimming in expensive data with little clarity on how to get insight from the numbers.

Quander Pulse uses WiFi probe requests to deliver a scalable, real time dashboard of actionable customer insights. The low-cost of our WiFi tracking sensors makes it possible to install more sensors in more locations, capturing granular data on everything from footfall across multiple venues to dwell time with specific products or experiences.

We also integrate machine learning cameras to anonymously track demographic data such as age, gender and emotion to gain insight into the audience without disrupting the customer experience to fill in forms. Contact us to request a demo.